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Therapy is an opportunity to learn about who we are, how we have come to be, and where we can go moving forward. Therapy is about understanding our own personal narrative about our lives, and our place in the world. Therapy can help us to find and create meaning. Therapy can also give us relief from the symptoms that arise in response to feeling out of place in our own lives: depression, anxiety, obsessionality, compulsiveness, impulsiveness, and breaks from reality.


I offer two therapy groups


1) For women and men who have lost a baby during pregnancy or childbirth


2) For women and men experiencing infertility

Both groups will focus on processing grief and loss, understanding how to evolve our own personal and family narrative to include the experience of pregnancy loss and infertility, and to offer each other support during what is a difficult and often devastating time. 


Medications can help to provide relief from specific symptoms, and can also help therapy to move forward by reducing the distress of particular symptoms to allow for therapeutic work to occur. For certain people, medication is a necessary part of maintaining health and stability. For others, medications may be a temporary treatment. I offer medication management either for 20 minute of 45 minute appointments, depending on an individual's complexity or preferences.


Often when someone is struggling with what seem like personal issues, their experience affects and is affected by the people closest to them.  Working with families can often lead to lasting change not only for the person who originally sought treatment, but for other family members too. 


I have 14 years of experience treating individuals with complex mental health conditions and needs. I have specific expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of psychosis, especially in its earliest manifestations. If you are looking for a second opinion regarding a mental health concern, I am happy to help, and I will work closely with your current treatment providers to assist with diagnostic clarification and treatment suggestions. 

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